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  • Blog Hosting for Creators

    Blog Hosting for Creators

    In so many of the sewing circles I’m a part of, people ask over and over about how to start a blog. Where should they host? Should they use a blog service, or should they do it themselves? And how? As creatives, we want to be able to share our talents with the community, but […]

  • About my design – Part 2!

    About my design – Part 2!

    I started blogging about my design on Tuesday. Here’s the part 2 of that!

  • Social Media Icons – Legally!

    Social Media Icons – Legally!

    I’ll get to the conclusion of designing my blog shortly, but in the meantime found out I need to change something! When I made my design, I wanted to include cute, themed social icons as links to Facebook, Twitter, and so on. I thought I was really cool when I found out how to do […]

  • About my design!

    About my design!

    Crash and burn… I’m not in the swing of blogging yet! I went almost a whole month agonizing about the tutorial I really want to post and how many pictures I have to edit for it instead of just doing it. Well, I did at least write up most of the words… It’s a month […]