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  • Around the World Blog Hop

    Around the World Blog Hop

    6:46 am my Sleep Cycle alarm app goes off. I’ve got about 20 minutes before I need to be out of bed, so I glance at the notifications on my home screen. And then it suddenly hits me. I was supposed to do a blog post on Monday. It’s Thursday. So here I am. I […]

  • Today update!

    Today I am fast and furious sewing a dress that goes on a plane tomorrow! My choreographer friend takes a dance to Barbados, and I’m costuming her. Eek! Totally exciting. I should be sewing instead of typing this. So much work to get done! The dance is based on a novel set in the time […]

  • Getting Inspired and a Guest Blog Post!

    Good morning! I am currently hard at work attempting to finally organize myself. I’m working on getting my garage, or 1/3ish of it anyway, set up to be my sewing studio. I had it in the closet of the spare room/husband’s office, and that just isn’t working out for anyone. So to the three-car (for […]

  • Social Media Icons – Legally!

    Social Media Icons – Legally!

    I’ll get to the conclusion of designing my blog shortly, but in the meantime found out I need to change something! When I made my design, I wanted to include cute, themed social icons as links to Facebook, Twitter, and so on. I thought I was really cool when I found out how to do […]