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  • Bundle Up Girls!

    Bundle Up Girls!

    I can’t resist when my favorite designers all get together for some awesome new pattern releases! The latest Bundle Up for Girls is a winner for sure. I found awesome patterns for both my girls, despite their differences.

  • Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Here it is, my second and final Selfish Sewing Week Project! Nothing like the last minute for me, I finished my Home Sewing Angie Dress Saturday night right around midnight. I hadn’t made a Sis Boom Angie dress yet, and this seemed like the perfect fabric for it. And now that I have a dress […]

  • Not A Real Green Dress!

    Not A Real Green Dress!

    “I’ll buy you a dress, but not a real green dress that’s cruel…” I had this song in my head for all of last week, and here’s why! My Jenny Dress Pattern Review! I LOVE green. Green is my color these days. The walls in my house are green. My peacoat is green, my windbreaker […]

  • Jamie Dress Pattern Review

    Jamie Dress Pattern Review

    I recently participated in a sew-a-long for the Jamie Dress Pattern by Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress, so here is my recap and review!

  • Rebecca Shift Dress Pocket Variation – Sis Boom PDF Pattern

    Rebecca Shift Dress Pocket Variation – Sis Boom PDF Pattern

    I posted my Sis Boom Rebecca Shift Dress I entered in the Summer of No Pants recently and mentioned I’d added pockets. Here’s a really quick, iPhone quality outline of how I did that! 1. Take the dress front pattern piece and draw the outline for a pocket. My pocket is cut at about 1/3 […]

  • Ah Summer! Dress

    Ah Summer! Dress

    Ah Summer is definitely here! I don’t go by the calendar when it is already reaching upper 90s. It counts. So I made myself a new summer dress. I inherited this fabric and kept it stashed for a few years. I think it came from my husband’s acting teacher’s neighbor? Who knows. People give me […]