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  • Getting Inspired and a Guest Blog Post!

    Good morning! I am currently hard at work attempting to finally organize myself. I’m working on getting my garage, or 1/3ish of it anyway, set up to be my sewing studio. I had it in the closet of the spare room/husband’s office, and that just isn’t working out for anyone. So to the three-car (for […]

  • Back to School Arg!

    Back to School Arg!

    August 1st. Last month of summer vacation. Actually, last three weeks! Eep! School starts for us on the 22nd, two days after my Mimi turns 9. I’m not sure I’m ready. For school or for her to be that old! I just saw this eBook promo going on that’s all about getting ready to deal […]

  • Need


    I need to sew today. That is all. OK, I’m long winded, so that’s not all. I’ve been desperately needing to sew. I have projects I want to get done, but I’m having trouble getting started. I worked on a backlog of mess that was preventing me from fun last night, so that should help. […]