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  • Something New: The Pattern Exam

    Something New: The Pattern Exam

    A group of bloggers launched something new today called The Pattern Exam! I have been furiously working behind the scenes for the last few weeks and neglecting my own blog (OK, I was doing that anyway) to get this ready. Another blogger came up with the awesome idea of testing various categories of sewing patterns […]

  • Getting Inspired and a Guest Blog Post!

    Good morning! I am currently hard at work attempting to finally organize myself. I’m working on getting my garage, or 1/3ish of it anyway, set up to be my sewing studio. I had it in the closet of the spare room/husband’s office, and that just isn’t working out for anyone. So to the three-car (for […]

  • About my design – Part 2!

    About my design – Part 2!

    I started blogging about my design on Tuesday. Here’s the part 2 of that!

  • About my design!

    About my design!

    Crash and burn… I’m not in the swing of blogging yet! I went almost a whole month agonizing about the tutorial I really want to post and how many pictures I have to edit for it instead of just doing it. Well, I did at least write up most of the words… It’s a month […]

  • So another redo…

    Apparently this is what I do in the spring. Remake my website. I saw on my Facebook page that I attempted it around late March last year. Crash and burn. I can’t really think that I can get away with my site being all about my product if I don’t produce anything! So here it […]