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  • Huge DIY Resource – Ultimate Bundle!

    Huge DIY Resource – Ultimate Bundle!

    I’ll be back in a few days with some actual made things for the new year. But today I wanted to pass on info about this super huge DIY bundle that just started today! It’s the Ultimate DIY Bundle, and it’s only available for 6 days!

  • Around the World Blog Hop

    Around the World Blog Hop

    6:46 am my Sleep Cycle alarm app goes off. I’ve got about 20 minutes before I need to be out of bed, so I glance at the notifications on my home screen. And then it suddenly hits me. I was supposed to do a blog post on Monday. It’s Thursday. So here I am. I […]

  • Summer of No Pants

    Summer of No Pants

    Well, submission time for the Summer of No Pants contest has come to a close! Seeing all the submissions has been awesome, and (once I do the wash!) I should be set to wear skirts this summer. Luckily I have a decent collection already. I’m going to try to Instagram daily with the hashtag #sonp2013. […]

  • A costume that wasn’t for Halloween

    A costume that wasn’t for Halloween

    Here’s my semi-recap on the costume I made in October that had nothing to do with Halloween! I did start doing a spookyish costume for me that I could potentially use this 31st if I get it done. But all the kids’ costumes were purchased this year. Bad designer! Oh well. So as I mentioned, […]

  • Need


    I need to sew today. That is all. OK, I’m long winded, so that’s not all. I’ve been desperately needing to sew. I have projects I want to get done, but I’m having trouble getting started. I worked on a backlog of mess that was preventing me from fun last night, so that should help. […]