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  • Something New: The Pattern Exam

    Something New: The Pattern Exam

    A group of bloggers launched something new today called The Pattern Exam! I have been furiously working behind the scenes for the last few weeks and neglecting my own blog (OK, I was doing that anyway) to get this ready. Another blogger came up with the awesome idea of testing various categories of sewing patterns […]

  • Capitol Hill Dress – Sew Fab Bundle

    Capitol Hill Dress – Sew Fab Bundle

    It’s Sew Fab Bundle time! An awesome time of year, right? This time it’s all about the Ladies! Ten all new women’s patterns! I got to test the Capitol Hill Dress by Straight Stitch Designs.

  • Crêpe Myrtle Dress

    Crêpe Myrtle Dress

    Somewhat a delayed blog post on this dress, but that’s just how my summer has gone! So much happening day to day that I keep forgetting to blog it all. But I couldn’t go too much longer without posting about this. I’m calling it my “Crêpe Myrtle Dress” because Myrtle is the pattern and the […]

  • EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour

    EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour

    I’m joining the EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour today to post about the great Off The Shoulder Top & Tunic I sewed up! I have had this pattern for a couple months but still hadn’t had a chance to make it yet with summer weather being so hot. But I’m gearing up for Back to School in […]

  • Delilah Pattern Tour

    Delilah Pattern Tour

    I was super excited to be invited to join the Delilah Pattern Tour today! Mostly because I totally need new shirts. Selfish? Um… yes. But darn it, this is a cute shirt!

  • Lorelei Dress Blog Tour

    Lorelei Dress Blog Tour

    Hi and welcome! I’m Darcie, aka Mimi’s Mom. You can read more about me here. I’m so excited to get to join the Lorelei Dress Blog Tour today! I met Elizabeth of E-beth Designs through a few Facebook groups, and I was thrilled to get to get to be part of the blog tour for her first […]

  • Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Here it is, my second and final Selfish Sewing Week Project! Nothing like the last minute for me, I finished my Home Sewing Angie Dress Saturday night right around midnight. I hadn’t made a Sis Boom Angie dress yet, and this seemed like the perfect fabric for it. And now that I have a dress […]

  • Tee for me

    Tee for me

    It’s Thursday of Selfish Sewing Week, and I’ve finally gotten to make something for me! I spent the earlier part of the week sewing up a tote for my son’s teacher. Another mom organized a multitude of gifts for next week’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I volunteered a bird themed tote since their class nickname […]

  • Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Last post of the year! I’m saying goodbye to 2013, and with that I’m making a promise for 2014. Notice I said PROMISE? I do not make RESOLUTIONS. Mostly because I’m defiant by nature and don’t want to be told what to do. So… what’s my plan for 2014? Yep, no store bought clothes in […]

  • Jersey Birthday Dress and Meeting a Project Runway Alum!

    Jersey Birthday Dress and Meeting a Project Runway Alum!

    A blog article a month, huh? Well, I’ve been sewing and not updating enough. Here’s something I made this month! I had my birthday the Monday before Thanksgiving and was gifted with fabric shopping by my parents! Yay, fabric! On top of my shopping list was knits. I’ve totally been getting into knits lately, and […]