Sewing Again

I’m doing some sewing again! Yay! Although I’d started moving my sewing studio to the garage, I found I just didn’t want to be out there when it is 38° outside. Brr! But I had to get some work done, so my regular machine and a handful of needed things came in last night.

In the interest of laziness but still attempting to blog, I’m trying to post from the WordPress app. We’ll see how this goes.

So, last minute birthday present was the primary reason. Mimi requested a bag. I think this one turned out well!


Once that got done, I could start working on real things. I was inspired to maybe enter a BurdaStyle contest based on their latest book. I found a really cool fabric online that inspired the style I’d like to create. So far, it’s the Elizabeth Gathered-Waist Dress. The hem will have the embroidered flowers, and considering altering to a princess style bodice, maybe with more flowers along one seam. I almost never make things for myself, so this should be fun.



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  1. Maureen Rostad Avatar

    Your bag is very cute. Welcome back to the land of sewing. 🙂

    1. darcie Avatar

      Thanks Maureen! I hadn’t left for long, but any time away feels like a lifetime.

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