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Rebecca Shift Dress Pocket Variation – Sis Boom PDF Pattern

I posted my Sis Boom Rebecca Shift Dress I entered in the Summer of No Pants recently and mentioned I’d added pockets. Here’s a really quick, iPhone quality outline of how I did that!

1. Take the dress front pattern piece and draw the outline for a pocket. My pocket is cut at about 1/3 the half waist measurement, the pocket lining cutting line is at about the next 1/3rd. The side mark is at about the hip. My line is at just sharper than a 45° angle, as I think a steeper line is more flattering across the hips. Don’t forget seam allowances.

2. Make a new pocket pattern piece for the pocket back and pocket facing. You’ll cut two with the hip corner and two without.


3. Cut the skirt with the hip corner cut out.
4. Lay pocket facing, right sides together, on skirt and stitch along new diagonal line.

5. Flip and top stitch. Repeat for other side of skirt.

6. Keeping skirt free, lay pocket back right sides together on pocket facing. Stitch two straight sides. I suggest serging or zigzagging to prevent raw pocket edges from unravelling.

7. Baste top and sides of pocket to skirt if desired, and continue assembling dress as per the pattern!





Ta Da!
Summer Dress






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