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  • Another SONP entry!

    Another SONP entry!

    More dresses! More skirts! I made another entry for the Summer of No Pants. SONP 2013 has another week to go. Another week before Summer officially starts. Time to stock up on skirts to keep cool and fashionable during the hot weather. This dress started with surfing the fabric porn on Spandex World. It spoke […]

  • Ah Summer! Dress

    Ah Summer! Dress

    Ah Summer is definitely here! I don’t go by the calendar when it is already reaching upper 90s. It counts. So I made myself a new summer dress. I inherited this fabric and kept it stashed for a few years. I think it came from my husband’s acting teacher’s neighbor? Who knows. People give me […]

  • It is Kids Clothes Week!!

    It is Kids Clothes Week!!

    I am writing a blog post again (I know, shame on me for still being bad at this!) because I am committing RIGHT NOW to participate in Kid’s Clothes Week! (Kid’s, not Kids Clothes Week? We’re only sewing for one kid? Hmm. Oh well.) Yay! Sewing! So I pretty much came to this conclusion a […]

  • Gluten Free Scones – Two Ways

    Yeah, more baking. Gluten free scones again. I seriously love scones. They’re easy to mix up quickly, and they bake in less time than a muffin. I’m sharing two different new recipes that worked for me recently. Why two in the same post? Because I didn’t take a picture of the first kind- they went […]

  • Gluten-free chocolate scones

    Gluten-free chocolate scones

    So although I mainly mean this to be a sewing blog, I crafted something else today and wanted to share it. We love chocolate scones around here, but I’ve been feeling not so happy after eating them lately. I tried a version of these a couple weeks ago and they were moist but still crumbly, […]

  • Sewing Again

    Sewing Again

    I’m doing some sewing again! Yay! Although I’d started moving my sewing studio to the garage, I found I just didn’t want to be out there when it is 38° outside. Brr! But I had to get some work done, so my regular machine and a handful of needed things came in last night. In […]

  • Silhouette Contest

    Silhouette Contest

    So, how much do I want to win a Silhouette CAMEO? A LOT. Here’s a silly contest entry I made yesterday about it.   I pinned it as per their directions, but Pinterest ate the image! So here’s a link to it that I’m adding to the pin.  This would enable me to do so […]

  • Fall Quinoa Salad Recipe

    Fall Quinoa Salad Recipe

    Today I did a little recipe post for a Corn Free Community site that I totally didn’t know existed. It’s part of a larger network of Corn Free sites. We have a Facebook group and a Blogspot site all run by the talented, dedicated Von Young. Being corn allergic or intolerant is rather stinky. Not […]

  • A costume that wasn’t for Halloween

    A costume that wasn’t for Halloween

    Here’s my semi-recap on the costume I made in October that had nothing to do with Halloween! I did start doing a spookyish costume for me that I could potentially use this 31st if I get it done. But all the kids’ costumes were purchased this year. Bad designer! Oh well. So as I mentioned, […]

  • Today update!

    Today I am fast and furious sewing a dress that goes on a plane tomorrow! My choreographer friend takes a dance to Barbados, and I’m costuming her. Eek! Totally exciting. I should be sewing instead of typing this. So much work to get done! The dance is based on a novel set in the time […]

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