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  • CraftingCon Guest Post for Harry Potter Month!

    CraftingCon Guest Post for Harry Potter Month!

    Today I’m excited to be guest posting over at Friends Stitched Together! Amy and Tasha have united with Maegen and Karen of  Mae & K for a cool new series called CraftingCon, celebrating all the things we love to love! And my family LOVES Harry Potter, which just happens to be the subject of the inaugural […]

  • Lorelei Dress Blog Tour

    Lorelei Dress Blog Tour

    Hi and welcome! I’m Darcie, aka Mimi’s Mom. You can read more about me here. I’m so excited to get to join the Lorelei Dress Blog Tour today! I met Elizabeth of E-beth Designs through a few Facebook groups, and I was thrilled to get to get to be part of the blog tour for her first […]

  • Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Home Sewing Angie Dress

    Here it is, my second and final Selfish Sewing Week Project! Nothing like the last minute for me, I finished my Home Sewing Angie Dress Saturday night right around midnight. I hadn’t made a Sis Boom Angie dress yet, and this seemed like the perfect fabric for it. And now that I have a dress […]

  • Tee for me

    Tee for me

    It’s Thursday of Selfish Sewing Week, and I’ve finally gotten to make something for me! I spent the earlier part of the week sewing up a tote for my son’s teacher. Another mom organized a multitude of gifts for next week’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I volunteered a bird themed tote since their class nickname […]

  • Seaside Hanami Dress

    Seaside Hanami Dress

    I picked up the Perfect Pattern Parcel last week during Kids Clothes Week. This is a neat project on its second “parcel” or pattern collection. They pick some neat independent pattern designers, you name your price, and proceeds from the sales go to charity. My little one immediately gravitated toward the pictures of the Hanami […]

  • Craftsy Classes on Sale!

    Craftsy Classes on Sale!

    Save Up to 50% on All Craftsy Classes! I don’t usually do much in the way of sponsored posts, but I don’t have any projects to show off yet this week! So here’s some inspiration to get you started on a project of your own. Check out the current sale going on this weekend for […]

  • Not A Real Green Dress!

    Not A Real Green Dress!

    “I’ll buy you a dress, but not a real green dress that’s cruel…” I had this song in my head for all of last week, and here’s why! My Jenny Dress Pattern Review! I LOVE green. Green is my color these days. The walls in my house are green. My peacoat is green, my windbreaker […]

  • My First Ever Giveaway!

    My First Ever Giveaway!

    Hey all, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway in honor of finally doing something with my page and reaching 100 likes on Facebook! I definitely will not do this for every 100, but I wanted to kick things off a little. Here’s what you’ll win.   This is one of only three like it. I’m […]

  • Friday Flashback for February 21st

    Friday Flashback for February 21st

    It’s Friday! I’m going to do a little recap, a “Friday Flashback” if you will, of what’s going on around here, mostly through Instagram posts. It’s um… going to cover from the last month, because that’s where I am in things. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know these things. Here we go! […]

  • Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Last post of the year! I’m saying goodbye to 2013, and with that I’m making a promise for 2014. Notice I said PROMISE? I do not make RESOLUTIONS. Mostly because I’m defiant by nature and don’t want to be told what to do. So… what’s my plan for 2014? Yep, no store bought clothes in […]

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