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  • Tweens Love Comfort – Pattern Parcel

    Tweens Love Comfort – Pattern Parcel

    Wow, today is the final day to get this Pattern Parcel! I hope you grabbed it! So many great patterns for all ages of girls! And stylish without being overly fluffy and ruffly! I sewed up two pieces that were almost made to go together – the EYMM Drape Top and the Greenstyle Yoga Pant – […]

  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

    Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

    So mostly I put sewing projects up on my blog, but I’ll throw a recipe here once in awhile. Like if it’s something I think people may like, or I don’t want to lose the recipe. This slow cooker pulled pork recipe fits both those qualifications. I’ve been working on this for what feels like […]

  • Mimi Dress – Pattern Parcel

    Mimi Dress – Pattern Parcel

    It’s Pattern Parcel time! Are you as excited as we are?? Since this site is called Mimi’s Mom, I made my girls the Mimi Dress by Filles à Maman. Makes sense, right?? Aw, yeah.

  • Crêpe Myrtle Dress

    Crêpe Myrtle Dress

    Somewhat a delayed blog post on this dress, but that’s just how my summer has gone! So much happening day to day that I keep forgetting to blog it all. But I couldn’t go too much longer without posting about this. I’m calling it my “Crêpe Myrtle Dress” because Myrtle is the pattern and the […]

  • Hufflepuff Knight Hoodie – Perfect Pattern Parcel

    Hufflepuff Knight Hoodie – Perfect Pattern Parcel

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Perfect Pattern Parcel since it started, so I was very excited to get to join the tour this time around! We got the preview of the bundle, and I immediately gravitated to the Knight Hoodie. It’s been a wishlist pattern for awhile! The picky son agreed, and requested […]

  • Bundle Up Boys

    Bundle Up Boys

    My son is almost always excited when I sew for him, so I was thrilled to join the Bundle Up Boys Blog Tour! A chance to sew for him AND to get an early look at some of the awesome patterns that are debuting this month? Totally! The boys Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution is […]

  • EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour

    EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour

    I’m joining the EYMM Think Fall Blog Tour today to post about the great Off The Shoulder Top & Tunic I sewed up! I have had this pattern for a couple months but still hadn’t had a chance to make it yet with summer weather being so hot. But I’m gearing up for Back to School in […]

  • Delilah Pattern Tour

    Delilah Pattern Tour

    I was super excited to be invited to join the Delilah Pattern Tour today! Mostly because I totally need new shirts. Selfish? Um… yes. But darn it, this is a cute shirt!

  • Blog Hosting for Creators

    Blog Hosting for Creators

    In so many of the sewing circles I’m a part of, people ask over and over about how to start a blog. Where should they host? Should they use a blog service, or should they do it themselves? And how? As creatives, we want to be able to share our talents with the community, but […]

  • Riding on Bikes with Skirts – A Summer of No Pants Guest Post

    Riding on Bikes with Skirts – A Summer of No Pants Guest Post

    I’m so excited to be posting today as part of the Summer of No Pants! I had a great time going pants-less last summer, and I was very excited when Marigold invited me to join as a guest blogger this time around. I thought the best post for me would be to use my time […]

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