Home Sewing Angie Dress

Home Sewing Angie Dress

Here it is, my second and final Selfish Sewing Week Project! Nothing like the last minute for me, I finished my Home Sewing Angie Dress Saturday night right around midnight. I hadn’t made a Sis Boom Angie dress yet, and this seemed like the perfect fabric for it. And now that I have a dress done, I feel like I did actually do something last week. One tee shirt isn’t as impressive as a dress, even though the shirt actually took more time and whatnot to sit down and watch the lessons and draft the pattern… Anyway, a sense of accomplishment for both.

Home Sewing Angie Dress

My 10 year old photographer barely put up with me today. This is what happens when one camera serves many functions. Sunday it was helping film a documentary. And I’m taking blog pictures with my iPhone and a reluctant offspring. She doesn’t wait for me to look cute or posed, she just clicks. And four or five is about her limit.

Home Sewing Angie Dress

I didn’t make any changes or edits, despite my natural tendencies to do so. It’s a straight size small. Oh, actually the skirt is minorly smaller in the width, just so I could get the pockets cut.  It’s a little looser than I’d like around the waist. I may redo the back elastic to be a bit more snug. This style slips over the head and has no zipper, so the back elastic is what keeps it all in shape! I’d like to do the next one with a knife pleated skirt, but I know that will take closer to 3 yards of fabric. Since I didn’t buy this fabric for this purpose, I only had two yards.

Home Sewing Angie Dress

The story behind the fabric? A couple weeks ago, I won a gift certificate to OnlineFabricStore.net from Maureen Cracknell’s blog! I was super excited, because I was already a fan of their store and was looking forward to placing an order. Picking was so hard! I mostly ended up with a bunch of various Joel Dewberry prints that would go together, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get this print! I’d already loved it for awhile. It’s an Alexander Henry print, created from an actual promotional comic book intended to promote home sewing. I die.

Home Sewing Angie Dress

So I thought this was going to be purses, because I’m obsessed with making purses again. But then the fabric got here, and my mind was changed. It needed to be a dress. A fun, quirky dress like the ones I can’t afford from ModCloth. So it was decided. And then a day later, I realized the reason I thought this dress was such a good idea was because I had seen this fabric on a dress* on ModCloth. Two of them*! And Gertie, fashion seamstress extraordinaire, also made one. And I knew it, but I’d forgotten. Mine is simpler, but I think because of this, I’ll get more wear out of it. *affiliate links

Home Sewing Angie Dress

I like the style, it’s really easy to sew and really easy to wear. It’s a dress you can throw on and look awesome. I’m actually really self-conscious about things being at or around my waist, because I feel like it makes me look short, so this is stretching my fashion world. Thank you, Mom, for dropping off your discarded belts the other day. I only own one, and it would not go with this at all. There’s a chance I may make a sash as included in the directions, but I haven’t made any concrete decisions about that as of yet.

And now, here’s me close up for the photo shoot, with a bit more makeup on than usual! Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough for this to be my real life look!





9 responses to “Home Sewing Angie Dress”

  1. Angela Avatar

    Great job. That sounds like a very easy pattern and with my name being Angela, maybe I need that one! Boy do I agree about the photography problems of blogging – love the sewing part, don’t love the frustration of trying to document it. But really, that is a nice dress and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    What a fun dress!! That fabric is perfect.

  3. betty Avatar

    I love the comic pattern. So unique. I like the belt, I think it works better than a sash would. You look great!

  4. Sarah Avatar

    What a fun dress!! I love the fabric you chose for it!!!

  5. Mike Avatar

    I guess when you come down the street,every kid have to look at your dress!!!
    Nice work!!!

  6. John Avatar

    Wow fun dress! I would love to see you out walking around!

  7. jenny Avatar

    Oh, it’s lovely dress. I love it

  8. Mia Avatar

    Great dress, cool cartoon design 🙂

  9. July Avatar

    haha, it looks great and funny. I like this kind of dress because its like burning the eyes and annoying the people watching at us 😀

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