Friday Flashback for February 21st

It’s Friday! I’m going to do a little recap, a “Friday Flashback” if you will, of what’s going on around here, mostly through Instagram posts. It’s um… going to cover from the last month, because that’s where I am in things. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know these things. Here we go!


Friday Flashback for 2-21-14


First of all, but not first in chronological order, I moved all our hosting and domains and whatnot. I switched everything over to Namecheap, and I’m really happy with their service so far. But I broke a couple things when I moved my site. Some things needed to be broken. My CSS totally made the site annoying on mobile devices. That should be better now, but I just haven’t gotten the colors back on as they should be. Maybe next week for that. So that’s why things look a little off here. Or maybe better, if you’re reading this from your phone.


In January, I made a super great Betty Bowler as part of the Swoon Patterns sew along. I made it Awards Season themed. I think I’m giving it to a movie-loving friend, but I haven’t done that yet. I am totally making this pattern again, it’s perfect for a diaper bag, a weekender (I pack light), or just the person that carries everything all at once. Or maybe to sneak your own snacks into the movie theater? I had an entire post writeup/review started, but it hasn’t gotten written yet.

I loved it so much, I made a mini version to donate for a preschool fundraiser auction item.

We took epic bike rides across town to visit our chickens.

My husband caramelized 10 pounds of onions for me. Yum, I just had some on my eggs for breakfast!

I fixed the oven, my son found a cool bug and we used social media to figure out what it was, and my daughter can’t stop singing.

This was my project for my son’s class fundraiser auction basket. They’re doing a road trip theme, and I picked to donate coloring supplies. I thought I’d do a crayon roll, but then I thought a tote would be even more handy. I tried a version with little pockets for each crayon, but that failed miserably when the Twistables proved to be way too three-dimensional. I think this might be even better! And I got to use a really great custom 2″ button I’d gotten from Pick Your Plum. I just love these buttons! I hope they offer them again, I only picked 8 of the large ones.

Yesterday I made a sweet Coraline wristlet to send away for a giveaway in one of my Facebook groups. But I liked it so much, I’m keeping that one and I made a second one to send off instead. I have more of this fabric and plan on making another to list in my Etsy shop.


Oh, and did I say Etsy shop? I’m finally going to start listing on Etsy. Goal date is March 1st. Of course, you can find me (and favorite me, hint, hint) at Mimi’s Mom.

Well, I guess that’s enough of a recap for now! My second cup of coffee is at the last sip. Gotta go take some pictures and get my errands done! Happy Friday!


Disclosure: Affiliate links in this post put a couple coins in the bank for me to help support my site’s hosting and my sewing habits. Thanks!



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