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Fall Quinoa Salad Recipe

Today I did a little recipe post for a Corn Free Community site that I totally didn’t know existed. It’s part of a larger network of Corn Free sites. We have a Facebook group and a Blogspot site all run by the talented, dedicated Von Young.

Being corn allergic or intolerant is rather stinky. Not only do some doctors NOT BELIEVE that it is even possible to have, some prescribe medication that has corn in it to deal with it. And yeah, corn is in EVERYTHING. So the community aspect of dealing with corn allergies is really important. We work together to find out which products are safe, when companies change their packaging or formulas, what works and what doesn’t. And of course, interesting recipes are key.

So I threw this together last month and hadn’t gotten around to sharing it anywhere yet. Today it is posted on the Community site, plus the story behind it. Enjoy!

Fall Quinoa Salad






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