DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion

DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion

DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion

So, since getting allergic to corn, I have to make more and more things for myself. Corn is seriously in everything! Don’t believe me? See the “good things” that come from corn here! And while my problems with it are more digestion related than a true allergy (I think, anyway), I really just want to get away from the stuff. Combine that with my love of craftiness and blogs and Pinterest… well, it’s hard not to want to make more things from scratch!

I’ve been a crafty person for forever. My mom was a Home Ec major for goodness’ sake. I was a Girl Scout for twelve years, even when I was the only person left registered in my troop. I’ve sewn for ages. My dolls got some fantastically awful outfits from fabric scraps. The crafting is in my blood. But making lotion and other body products is far beyond that.

So I may have gone off the DIY deep end. I’ve started washing my hair now with baking soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse. I’m washing with a coconut oil sugar scrub. That alone has really improved my dry skin! But I wanted something to slather on after showers that I knew wasn’t filled with unpronounceable ingredients. After a few weeks of scouting out ideas on various sites, I happened to be at our local Co-op. There I found some local beeswax and shea butter. Two ingredients I needed! So I finally did it. And it’s awesome. More after the jump…

DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion!

inspired mostly by Frugally Sustainable

1/4 c. Coconut Oil

1/4 c. Grapeseed Oil

2-3 T Shea Butter

1/2 oz. Beeswax

Double boiler type device

Blender or hand held mixer

All the amounts are totally variable based on how hard/soft/greasy you want to go for. I have dry skin, and this soaks in nicely after slathering post-shower.


My first step was to attempt to cut a quarter from the beeswax. I used a big giant knife. Chances are if it was a bit warmer first, it would have been easier. Also, grating may have been a better choice as it would melt easier. Another choice are little beads of wax. Once you have the correct amount, place that along with coconut oil and shea into a melting device. I took a small metal bowl and put it in a slightly larger pot with water in the bottom to make a makeshift double boiler. You can stick them in a glass mason jar and then put that in a pot of water. Whatever works. You just want to make sure that this-

Start boiler

-to this- all nice and clear and melted!

End boiler


Then I poured the oils to a glass bowl and added the grapeseed. That didn’t need to be heated, as it’s already liquid at room temperature. At this point, you could also add essential oils to scent your lotion. Mine, unscented, has a very faint honey smell. You can then walk away for a few minutes if desired, or stick it in the fridge for a few. I was lazy and threw some ice packs under the bottom of the bowl. Then I took my handheld blender and went to work!


At first it just looked like bubbly oil, but as it cooled and aerated, it became more like what I wanted to see. I scooped it into a salvaged jam jar to save! I did stick it in the fridge after that, mostly because I’d been lazy about cooling it before. But that’s not necessary. In fact, I couldn’t use it when I’d left it in too long. It currently sits on my bathroom counter, ready for use the minute I towel off.

DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion


On a related note, this was my first time ordering and using coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. They were having a two for one sale on their 16oz Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil. I really like it! Very minimal coconutty taste and smell. I usually buy other brands from the grocery store, but this on sale was a much better deal. And they shipped fast! And each jar was packaged in a zip top bag to prevent leakage. Very nice. If you’d like to support me and my site and my coconut addiction, here’s an affiliate link to earn me additional goodies. My body thanks you!

Pure Coconut Oil – 1 pint – 16 oz.


So… who else is ready to make their own lotion? Anyone?






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