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  • Another place to get blogging content from me!

    Another place to get blogging content from me!

    I haven’t been updating here, as I haven’t been sewing as much recently. I’ve also started another site for the non-sewing related things I need to purge from my brain. If you need blogging or Pinterest tips, check out

  • Fun Pumpkin Tee!

    Fun Pumpkin Tee!

    After much radio silence here, I have a quick blog post to drop! With a five week vacation and summer sewing sabbatical, I had a hard time returning to sewing and blogging and whatnot. But this week I did actually sew something, gasp! Ellie had a school field trip to the pumpkin patch with her […]

  • Silhouette Contest

    Silhouette Contest

    So, how much do I want to win a Silhouette CAMEO? A LOT. Here’s a silly contest entry I made yesterday about it.   I pinned it as per their directions, but Pinterest ate the image! So here’s a link to it that I’m adding to the pin. ┬áThis would enable me to do so […]

  • Updating.

    I am not a dutiful blogger. Yet. I ignored this site, other than deleting spam comments, for six weeks. But I have some upcoming posts, so I’m cleaning house. Updating software. Changing links. If things are awry and you’re actually visiting my site, I apologize profusely. Things will be normal soon. At least that’s the […]