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  • Rebecca Shift Dress Pocket Variation – Sis Boom PDF Pattern

    Rebecca Shift Dress Pocket Variation – Sis Boom PDF Pattern

    I posted my Sis Boom Rebecca Shift Dress I entered in the Summer of No Pants recently and mentioned I’d added pockets. Here’s a really quick, iPhone quality outline of how I did that! 1. Take the dress front pattern piece and draw the outline for a pocket. My pocket is cut at about 1/3 […]

  • Wrap Skirt Tutorial With Pockets

    Here’s my first sewing tutorial posted! It’s a really fun to wear wrap skirt with pockets. Super comfy. This isn’t a new thing I just made, however I just finally got everything together and pictures shrunk to web size, so now I can share it with you. Oh, and we’re nearing the end of National […]

  • DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion

    DIY Creamy Dreamy Lotion

      So, since getting allergic to corn, I have to make more and more things for myself. Corn is seriously in everything! Don’t believe me? See the “good things” that come from corn here! And while my problems with it are more digestion related than a true allergy (I think, anyway), I really just want […]