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  • Something New: The Pattern Exam

    Something New: The Pattern Exam

    A group of bloggers launched something new today called The Pattern Exam! I have been furiously working behind the scenes for the last few weeks and neglecting my own blog (OK, I was doing that anyway) to get this ready. Another blogger came up with the awesome idea of testing various categories of sewing patterns […]

  • Time For More

    Time For More

    Finally closing the blogging books on 2014 and ready for 2015! Ready? Well, whatever. It’s time.

  • Around the World Blog Hop

    Around the World Blog Hop

    6:46 am my Sleep Cycle alarm app goes off. I’ve got about 20 minutes before I need to be out of bed, so I glance at the notifications on my home screen. And then it suddenly hits me. I was supposed to do a blog post on Monday. It’s Thursday. So here I am. I […]

  • Tee for me

    Tee for me

    It’s Thursday of Selfish Sewing Week, and I’ve finally gotten to make something for me! I spent the earlier part of the week sewing up a tote for my son’s teacher. Another mom organized a multitude of gifts for next week’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I volunteered a bird themed tote since their class nickname […]

  • Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Goodbye 2013, Goodbye RTW, Hello 2014!

    Last post of the year! I’m saying goodbye to 2013, and with that I’m making a promise for 2014. Notice I said PROMISE? I do not make RESOLUTIONS. Mostly because I’m defiant by nature and don’t want to be told what to do. So… what’s my plan for 2014? Yep, no store bought clothes in […]

  • I Made Something During National Sewing Month!

    I Made Something During National Sewing Month!

    Yikes, down to the wire, but I actually DID make something during National Sewing Month. Almost got it online too, but looks like this will be posted shortly after midnight my time on October 1st. Ah well, can’t win them all. Quick preview of what I did today! I turned this: Into this:

  • Swim Shorts Lining Tutorial

    Swim Shorts Lining Tutorial

    How to customize a leggings pattern to add a lining for girls’ or women’s swim shorts. Honestly, I don’t really swim anymore. I used to swim! I used to love swimming. The water just doesn’t feel that good anymore. But my kids have finally gotten to the stage where they LOVE to swim. So I […]

  • It is Kids Clothes Week!!

    It is Kids Clothes Week!!

    I am writing a blog post again (I know, shame on me for still being bad at this!) because I am committing RIGHT NOW to participate in Kid’s Clothes Week! (Kid’s, not Kids Clothes Week? We’re only sewing for one kid? Hmm. Oh well.) Yay! Sewing! So I pretty much came to this conclusion a […]

  • Sewing Again

    Sewing Again

    I’m doing some sewing again! Yay! Although I’d started moving my sewing studio to the garage, I found I just didn’t want to be out there when it is 38° outside. Brr! But I had to get some work done, so my regular machine and a handful of needed things came in last night. In […]

  • Today update!

    Today I am fast and furious sewing a dress that goes on a plane tomorrow! My choreographer friend takes a dance to Barbados, and I’m costuming her. Eek! Totally exciting. I should be sewing instead of typing this. So much work to get done! The dance is based on a novel set in the time […]