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  • Huge DIY Resource – Ultimate Bundle!

    Huge DIY Resource – Ultimate Bundle!

    I’ll be back in a few days with some actual made things for the new year. But today I wanted to pass on info about this super huge DIY bundle that just started today! It’s the Ultimate DIY Bundle, and it’s only available for 6 days!

  • Time For More

    Time For More

    Finally closing the blogging books on 2014 and ready for 2015! Ready? Well, whatever. It’s time.

  • Blog Hosting for Creators

    Blog Hosting for Creators

    In so many of the sewing circles I’m a part of, people ask over and over about how to start a blog. Where should they host? Should they use a blog service, or should they do it themselves? And how? As creatives, we want to be able to share our talents with the community, but […]

  • Craftsy Classes on Sale!

    Craftsy Classes on Sale!

    Save Up to 50% on All Craftsy Classes! I don’t usually do much in the way of sponsored posts, but I don’t have any projects to show off yet this week! So here’s some inspiration to get you started on a project of your own. Check out the current sale going on this weekend for […]

  • My First Ever Giveaway!

    My First Ever Giveaway!

    Hey all, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway in honor of finally doing something with my page and reaching 100 likes on Facebook! I definitely will not do this for every 100, but I wanted to kick things off a little. Here’s what you’ll win.   This is one of only three like it. I’m […]

  • Wordle – Something Fun and Silly!

    Hi world! I’ve been busy reorganizing rooms and organizing for kids going back to school yesterday. Whew, totally exhausted! Mimi turned 10 last week, and she got her own room for her birthday, so we’ve turned about everything upside down here! So here’s a little fun thing I found today. It’s called Wordle, and it […]

  • Follow my blog!

    I caved and signed up for Bloglovin’. All the cool kids are doing it. Since Google Reader shut down at the end of June, many have been scrambling for a new way to follow their favorite blogs. If you’d like to add me to your feed, please go here:   What blog reader are you […]

  • About my design – Part 2!

    About my design – Part 2!

    I started blogging about my design on Tuesday. Here’s the part 2 of that!

  • Social Media Icons – Legally!

    Social Media Icons – Legally!

    I’ll get to the conclusion of designing my blog shortly, but in the meantime found out I need to change something! When I made my design, I wanted to include cute, themed social icons as links to Facebook, Twitter, and so on. I thought I was really cool when I found out how to do […]

  • About my design!

    About my design!

    Crash and burn… I’m not in the swing of blogging yet! I went almost a whole month agonizing about the tutorial I really want to post and how many pictures I have to edit for it instead of just doing it. Well, I did at least write up most of the words… It’s a month […]