I’m Darcie, also known as Mimi’s Mom. I’m also mom to James and Ellie, but adding them in to the title would get a little wordy! I have sewn since early childhood and even through college theatrical costuming, but I started making actively again when Kimberly was an only child. I put her picture on a tote for the grandmas, which made for a perfect Mother’s Day present! After so many you-should-make-those-es, I started producing for others to have perfect presents too. That began the inspiration for my company and blog name.

As the next couple kids arrived and the world of online sewing communities has expanded, so has my interest in making. I started my website just to feature my products, but since have expanded to blogging to cover all my different interests. And hopefully it will encourage me to be productive! Peer pressure!

Other exciting info about me:

  • I “decided” to become intolerant to corn in May 2010, much to the chagrin of my darling husband. He’s now on a mission to grow food so that I can actually eat safely. So I’ll probably post some non-corn goodness from time to time.
  • That same darling husband is also famous to a small but hopefully growing portion of the population. Being an ordinary person that is the wife to a semi-celebrity is weird!
  • I’m a California girl. North to start, 15 years of South, and now back in NorCal. It is odd to reside in your previous hometown, especially when one’s hometown is so odd.
  • I support Open Source software, like the WordPress platform upon which this site is built. I’ve volunteered for phpBB for ten years, currently serving in the Management and Community Teams.


Want to follow me and more of my craziness? Check out my personal Facebook profile here. I guarantee 400% more wackiness than on my website!

Petal Perfect Skirt- Bundle Up Women