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  • Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

    Free Halloween Ghost Cut File

    Another not a tutorial! Here’s a free file I made up as a quick Halloween tee shirt for myself. I started creating this file last year shortly before Halloween, and it went through a bunch of drafts to where it is. It had cute arms! It had different fonts! It had booze. But now it’s […]

  • Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial

    Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial

    Yes, that’s right. I said a Chalkboard Door Sign Untutorial. What’s an untutorial? It’s when something is just too simple for a tutorial. This is so simple, and it only took me a few minutes. I bought everything at Target, which is awesome because it’s a 1/2 mile walk from my house.

  • The Best Pork Ribs Dry Rub

    The Best Pork Ribs Dry Rub

    Blogging is so tedious, and it’s just not my thing. I really like to tell people things to do, and not have to do them. But sometimes you just need to get information into the world. So throwing a post together on our best pork chops recipe combines this. Technically, the post is on the […]

  • Favorite Soups For Cool Weather Months

    Favorite Soups For Cool Weather Months

    I’m a completely disorganized person, and that’s a hard thing to change. Otherwise, you’d see regular posts here instead of nothing for a couple years! Because I know this about myself and my lack of planning, I’m trying to chart out a loose dinner plan for the month. Now that weather is finally cooler, we’re […]

  • Another place to get blogging content from me!

    Another place to get blogging content from me!

    I haven’t been updating here, as I haven’t been sewing as much recently. I’ve also started another site for the non-sewing related things I need to purge from my brain. If you need blogging or Pinterest tips, check out http://darcie.fyi

  • Fun Pumpkin Tee!

    Fun Pumpkin Tee!

    After much radio silence here, I have a quick blog post to drop! With a five week vacation and summer sewing sabbatical, I had a hard time returning to sewing and blogging and whatnot. But this week I did actually sew something, gasp! Ellie had a school field trip to the pumpkin patch with her […]

  • Giverney Blazer

    Giverney Blazer

    Just thought I’d drop in a quick post about a new release out today, the Giverney Blazer from Winter Wear Designs!

  • Petal Perfect Skirt – Bundle Up Women

    Petal Perfect Skirt – Bundle Up Women

    I’m working on stepping up my fashion game here. OK, I’m trying, anyway. Luckily for me, it’s the ladies’ turn for the Bundle Up sewing pattern sale from Pattern Revolution! The sale just started today, and I get to help kick it off with my Petal Perfect Skirt from Little Lizard King!

  • Something New: The Pattern Exam

    Something New: The Pattern Exam

    A group of bloggers launched something new today called The Pattern Exam! I have been furiously working behind the scenes for the last few weeks and neglecting my own blog (OK, I was doing that anyway) to get this ready. Another blogger came up with the awesome idea of testing various categories of sewing patterns […]

  • Circle Shrug Free Pattern

    Circle Shrug Free Pattern

    Happy Thursday! Today I have a really easy and customizable FREE pattern to share with you! I kept seeing a ton of these drape cardigans out there, but nothing in a circular shape like I see in a lot of knitting patterns. So I thought I’d put one together, and I’d give others the chance […]

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