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In so many of the sewing circles I’m a part of, people ask over and over about how to start a blog. Where should they host? Should they use a blog service, or should they do it themselves? And how? As creatives, we want to be able to share our talents with the community, but get easily hung up on how to get started. Computers and code can be scary to some! But I want you to know blog hosting for creators isn’t as scary as it seems.


Hosting Your Blog - Blogging for Creators


Riding on Bikes with Skirts – A Summer of No Pants Guest Post

Summer of No Pants

I’m so excited to be posting today as part of the Summer of No Pants! I had a great time going pants-less last summer, and I was very excited when Marigold invited me to join as a guest blogger this time around. I thought the best post for me would be to use my time to evangelize to everyone about riding on bikes with skirts!

Riding on Bikes with Skirts - A Summer of No Pants Guest Post

Yes, bikes and skirts! You can look nice and still be active! Summer weather is the perfect time to eschew vehicular modes of transportation and travel in the open air! I actually do not own a car, and I reside in the self-proclaimed bike capital of the country, so I bike all year long. I suppose that’s not as comfortable for people who live where it snows. But no excuses now! The sun is shining! Get that cruiser out, pump up the tires, and go for a ride!


CraftingCon Guest Post for Harry Potter Month!

Today I’m excited to be guest posting over at Friends Stitched Together! Amy and Tasha have united with Maegen and Karen of  Mae & K for a cool new series called CraftingCon, celebrating all the things we love to love! And my family LOVES Harry Potter, which just happens to be the subject of the inaugural month!

Crafting Con
CraftingCon is part sewing competition, part inspirational posts and tutorials for incorporating a little bit of fandom in our every day lives. I’m posting a fun outfit I made my son to read the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He was so excited!

Quidditch Lounge Set

Go head on over and check out the whole thing, plus a little mini tutorial on how I made the year 5 inspired Quidditch Tee at